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Planet of Gui is an engaging platform, curated for kids to enhance their socialising skills along with basic learning and fun. Create profiles, make friends, discover and follow the stuff that you love and you are good to go. You get a variety of videos, games, EBooks, News, Facts, Music and much more.
How do I get PoG?
To get PoG, simply visit planetofgui.com or get the same over Play Store or App Store. For better security, we also have Parents’ Account wherein they can check and keep a control over what their kids are getting into.
What is the feed and how does it work?
Feed is the stream of posts on the profile of the users, where the kids can view the content, check for the updates from the friends, channels or new content. You can like the feed, share with friends or even follow your favourite channel from the feed.
What is the Favourite Feed?
The Favourite Feed tab is the updated content stream where the kids can view their favourite channel content along with select content provided by us. The content type varies from the videos, movies, films, EBooks, News, and Fun Facts to Audios.
What's on the Explore tab?
Explore tab consists all the content type that has been specially posted for the kids, keeping their likings, age, trends and popularity in mind.
What channels does the platform have?
A channel is a specified section that displays content relating to that section. The platform tries to cover best of the channels for the kids such that all kinds of content is being covered and displayed for them. Here is the list of the channels that we have at our platform:
Avatar is the sketched form of individuals that showcase your personality on the platform. You can change it the way you want it and whenever you need it. Isn’t that cool? You are getting 5 Free Avatars in the beginning and all you need to do to unlock the rest is add 5 Friends!
Get yourself a badge when you join the platform, or when you add a certain number friends, when you finish viewing or reading a certain number of content, or simply earn Geekos and get the badge. Here is the list of badges that you would earn along with the conditions:
To make your journey more exciting over our platform, we give you chance to win exclusive gifts by completing the mentioned tasks for the respective contests. Bid it and Win it!
Attendance and Boring had been going hand in hand up till now but not anymore. The more you attend the platform or the continuity that you maintain helps you win Geekos as well as McDonald’s Meal. Isn’t this a yummy attendance sheet
Geekos are the points that one wins with consumption of content that one does. Every time you read an EBook or view a movie, you earn Geekos. These Geekos help you bid for contests, get badges of your choice or simply win over your friend. You don’t have to be Geeky to get the Geekos!
We bifurcate the content on the basis of the type of member you become. Become a Pro Member by just paying Rs 500 for a year or Rs 50 for one month. Get unlimited access to the EBooks, Videos, Audios, and Contests and much more along with a tag over your profile. The price for the Premium Content differs from Content to Content, mainly ranging from Rs25 to Rs50 per content.
Not only is the kid’s profile safe by itself along with 24*7 assistance but it can equally be monitored by the parents to make sure what their children are checking into. The time can be altered for the consumption of content for the kids, from 30 minutes, 45 minutes to 60 minutes being maximum.
How do I add my friends?
Click on the Friends Feature Tab on home,
1. Go to Make New Friends.
2. A list of all the existing members will turn up.
3. Go through the list and check for your friends.
4. For the same, you can even search over the search bar for your Friends, Send them an add request and you are good to work.
5. You can also send friend requests to your friends from the world by simply adding their email ids.
How do I follow or unfollow a channel?
To follow or unfollow a channel, you simply need to visit the channel page, click on the Follow button and your feed has its content over your page. To unfollow, the same steps apply and that you no longer have content from that channel from thereon.
Can I log in on multiple devices?
Yes, you can log on from any of the devices at the same time without any interrupted trouble.
What should I do if I've forgotten my password?
In case if you forget your password, simply click on “Forgot Password”, add your Planet of Gui username. You will get another password on your mail and you can change your password thereafter.
Planet of Gui is an engaging platform for children aging between 5 and 15. We have a variety of content type like Videos, EBooks, Movies, Music, Quizzes, Puzzles, Riddles and much more interesting stuff. Not only the content is entertaining and funny but also has educational value added to it.
Along with this, kids also has opportunities to win prizes like Redeemable Geekos, Bicycle, Kindle and much more at their doorstep.
With that in mind, we put together a quick guide on how to stay safe in the PoG community!
What is PoG?
PoG is a creative community app for kids. You can create content for your profile using badges, photos, avatars and drawing tools and can follow people or channels you are interested in. There are loads of games to play, videos to watch and quizzes, puzzles and challenges to take.
Safety in PoG
PoG has a team of professional, dedicated moderators who monitor PoG 24 hours a day, all year round and are active members of the PoG community. Everyone has their own profile to post their creations to. If you follow someone, their posts show up in your Feed. If they follow you, your posts will appear in their Feed. You can comment on a post – and everyone will be able to see it. All posts are monitored, regardless of where they appear in the app.
If you are new to PoG, or if you have posted something we're not sure about, you might find that your image appears on your profile only. Others can only see your posts once we’re happy that they’re okay to share. We will approve your post as soon as possible. Images that aren’t okay will disappear.Upload option shall be unlocked as soon as the user has 40 friends. This is done with the reason that the user is acceptable enough in the community as their circle is increasing. Therefore he/she will not upload or post any unacceptable content over the platform.
We have filters on PoG that stop bad language, negative comments or the sharing of personal information. If your text turns into #### or emoji it means we’re making sure everyone stays happy.
So, remember to follow the Community guidelines. The nicer you are to the PoG community and the more fun and creative your posts are, the quicker everyone will see them!
Unfollow and Unfriend
In case if you don’t like the content of any of the channel, and wish to stop the feed from their account, you can simply click on the following button after going to their page. This will prevent all the content from that channel from showing up on your profile.
Same will be the case when you no longer wish to be in contact with any of the friend. You simply just need to click on the friend button and that will change to unfriending that individual, preventing all the content from that person.
Closing hours
To give a better option to the kids as well as the parents, we have the option of altering time slots. It varies from 30 minutes, 45 minutes to 60 minutes. The parents can keep a check as to how much time does the kid is spending online. In case of any assistance, our dedicated moderators shall be at your service.
What can you do?
Talk to your friends, family and teachers about being safe online. Talking about how to be private, safe and creative is a great way to share any concerns and make sure that you have a fun, positive time. Find out more about PoG safety and rules by reading our House Rules. If you have any feedback, ask your parents to email us at support@shirsa.in